Full body scanners

Here is a whole sequence about Full Body Scanners.

The documents:

  1. fichier pdf full body scanner
  2. TSA to remove full-body scanners

This sequence is part of a theme about new inventions and security. Here is what I do with my BTS IRIS students:

  • First , I give them the short article from THAINDIAN NEWS. They explain what happened and what problem this incident raised. Then I ask them to imagine what the « new measures » mentioned in the text will consist in.
  • I then hand out the text about the scanner with worksheet n°1. They do the global comprehension. Their homework is to do the vocabulary exercises and read the text again.
  • During the second hour, we correct the homework and continue with worsheet n°2. The aim is to practice comparison and different expressions of contrast.  We work for about 2 hours on the comprehension of the text, with a lot of recaps and rephrasing exercises.
  • Finally, after having done the branching out at home, I ask them what can passengers who undergo the scan may think about it. Then I show them the video from Youtube and we discuss about it.

As for the evaluation, it can be a listening comprehension on a video about a similar invention and/or an essay in which they give their opinion about the scanners versus the body search, for example. Personnally I did both.


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