This is a sequence designed for a class of 1ère STI2D. The final tasl is a multimedia presentation about energy production.

Here are the different documents we used:

  1. a Power point presentation to start with after giving the definition of « Sustainable development: Présentation-eolienne
  2. A video that students watch on a computer:  How Wind Turbines Generate Electricity with the comprehension sheet: fichier doc GAPFILLHOW_IT_WORKS
  3. Then after discussing the different advantages and disadvantages of wind energy, a recap exercise to do on the computers in pairs: fichier pdf Recap-how it works and the correction fichier pdf Recap_how it works_correction
  4. The evaluation on this sequence is based on the same document with only 6 pictures to comment + some vocabulary and grammar exercises.
  5. Then the students prepare their own presentation in pairs. They choose a new form of energy.

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