This is a sequence designed for a class of 1ère STI2D. The final tasl is a multimedia presentation about energy production.

Here are the different documents we used:

  1. a Power point presentation to start with after giving the definition of « Sustainable development: Présentation-eolienne
  2. A video that students watch on a computer:  How Wind Turbines Generate Electricity with the comprehension sheet: fichier doc GAPFILLHOW_IT_WORKS
  3. Then after discussing the different advantages and disadvantages of wind energy, a recap exercise to do on the computers in pairs: fichier pdf Recap-how it works and the correction fichier pdf Recap_how it works_correction
  4. The evaluation on this sequence is based on the same document with only 6 pictures to comment + some vocabulary and grammar exercises.
  5. Then the students prepare their own presentation in pairs. They choose a new form of energy.

Erin’s numbers


fichier pdf

FIGURES Erin Brokovitch

Erin Brokovitch\’s number(s)

Here is a little exercise based on an extract from the film Erin Brokovitch. Your students will enjoy practicing the listening with this short video. The aim of the game is then to make them repeat all the numbers and figures as quickly as possible. I use it with my first year accountancy students.

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