Nissan car brakes automatically

Here is a Listening comprehension I did with my BTS IRIS after studying a text and video about Google’s self driving car. I will post the video and text soon.

Here is the grid for the evaluation:

fichier pdf Correction CO_Nissan


Full body scanners

Here is a whole sequence about Full Body Scanners.

The documents:

  1. fichier pdf full body scanner
  2. TSA to remove full-body scanners

This sequence is part of a theme about new inventions and security. Here is what I do with my BTS IRIS students:

  • First , I give them the short article from THAINDIAN NEWS. They explain what happened and what problem this incident raised. Then I ask them to imagine what the « new measures » mentioned in the text will consist in.
  • I then hand out the text about the scanner with worksheet n°1. They do the global comprehension. Their homework is to do the vocabulary exercises and read the text again.
  • During the second hour, we correct the homework and continue with worsheet n°2. The aim is to practice comparison and different expressions of contrast.  We work for about 2 hours on the comprehension of the text, with a lot of recaps and rephrasing exercises.
  • Finally, after having done the branching out at home, I ask them what can passengers who undergo the scan may think about it. Then I show them the video from Youtube and we discuss about it.

As for the evaluation, it can be a listening comprehension on a video about a similar invention and/or an essay in which they give their opinion about the scanners versus the body search, for example. Personnally I did both.


Smart Home

A text from the Economist about a future invention with a comprehension grid to help students understand the text.

fichier pdf Smart home_student

And here is the teacher’s sheet:

fichier pdf smart home_correction

Erin’s numbers


fichier pdf

FIGURES Erin Brokovitch

Erin Brokovitch\’s number(s)

Here is a little exercise based on an extract from the film Erin Brokovitch. Your students will enjoy practicing the listening with this short video. The aim of the game is then to make them repeat all the numbers and figures as quickly as possible. I use it with my first year accountancy students.

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